All OK in Brecon

We have had a few anxious enquiries from our regular guests, regarding how we were affected by storm Dennis, so here is an update from Monday 17th February 2020.

This was the view from the Usk bridge Sunday morning when the levels had dropped about 50cm from the highest reading overnight, but luckily the embankments held and all the riverside properties stayed dry as far as I know.  (Probably a few cellars got wet, which happens several times a year)

Fortunately the river levels drop here really quickly, as we are on a fairly steep part of the river, and fairly close to the source, and within minutes of the rain easing the levels dropped rapidly. We have actually had higher water levels a few times before, but there wasn’t any media cover so no one apart from the locals paid it much attention.

By Sunday afternoon the levels were almost back to normal and still dropping quickly.

By Monday morning, (even though we have had sporadic rain) things are back to normal, and the ducks have their beach back.